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At Fintan O’Reilly & Co. we strongly advise all our clients to make a will. Your will allows you to provide for how exactly your assets are to be distributed after your death. Making a will is something that should be considered by all age groups, not just the elderly.

While making a will is something every person can do, we recognise that each person has a unique set of circumstances and we therefore aim to provide an individual, personal service to each client.

If you have not yet made a will, please contact us today to discuss your estate and tax planning. Tax planning will allow you to ensure that the taxes charged on your estate are not unnecessarily high. We will also advise you in relation to Capital Acquisitions Tax and tailor a specific succession plan for you, to suit your intentions.

For some clients, making a will can be daunting. Knowing this, we strive to put clients at ease at all times and to advise on succession planning in a straight forward, comprehensive manner, free from confusing legal jargon.

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When a person dies, it is usually necessary to apply to the Probate Office for a grant of representation. Often, where a person is named as executor in a will, extracting a grant and administering an estate can seem like a daunting task.

At Fintan O’Reilly & Co. we have been working in probate practice since our establishment in 1996. We understand that the probate process can be a daunting one and therefore, we strive to make it as stress free as possible for our clients.

We have a wealth of experience in extracting grants of probate, grants of administration and de bonis non grants. In dealing with the administration of an estate, we endeavour to gather in the assets of the estate in a prompt and efficient manner and thereafter, to complete distribution of the estate as soon as possible.

We have accumulated years of experience in the administration of estates and in dealing with contentious and non – contentious probate matters. We consistently ensure that in all our applications, the documentation furnished is sufficient to satisfy the Probate Office requirements. We understand the need to keep clients well informed and fully abreast of developments throughout the process and the need to anticipate from the outset, any issues that may arise which could delay the grant issuing.